[Buildroot] Clang and SDK relocation

Romain Naour romain.naour at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 21:00:57 UTC 2018

Hi Matt,

Le 06/11/2018 à 19:24, Matthew Weber a écrit :
> While working on a patchset for adding the compiler-rt sanitizers.  We
> noticed an issue if we moved the build as an SDK (path changed on
> system so that the orig build doesn't exist).  The include search
> paths provided to Clang seem to be ignored (sysroot/-I).  These
> options do work if using the tools from the original build location.
> Do you guys happen to know of any options I could start investigating
> to adjust to make a relative path or prefix with sysroot fix in the
> Clang build?

AFAIK, we didn't test to relocate the SDK with LLVM/Clang.
It's also a problem if we want to include LLVM/Clang as an external toolchain.

> I'll keep looking through the code and see what I can find.

Ok thanks!

Best regards,

> Thanks!
> Matt

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