[Buildroot] [Bug 11476] stdio2.h error invalid use of __builtin_va_arg_pack

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Sat Nov 3 11:31:58 UTC 2018


--- Comment #6 from romain.naour at gmail.com ---
(In reply to goldstar611 from comment #5)

Are you using libitm ?
If not, you can workaround this issue by disabling libitm with:
HOST_GCC_COMMON_CONF_OPTS += --disable-libitm

This issue is trigged with gcc5 + libitm and Fortify_Source.
I'm able to reproduce it on x86_64.

Unfortunately, we don't test the toolchain build with all possible options.
For example, Fortify_Source option is not enabled while building pre-built
Bootlin toolchains [1]. That's why this issue is only discovered now...
This is something that can be improved on our side.

Any additional testing are welcome, feel free to run a matrix of PPC big endian
you are interested in and report to us or upstream if it works or not.

About gcc5, at some point it will be removed from Buildroot. I can't say when.

[1] https://toolchains.bootlin.com

Best regards,

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