[Buildroot] Tesla is using Buildroot

Olof Johansson olof at lixom.net
Sat May 12 17:51:13 UTC 2018

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>>> > [...]
>>> >
>>> > - there's a tesla-verity package which seems to be a custom init that
>>> > checks the validity of the verity metadata and interacts with
>>> > firmware to check soc lock status before calling dmsetup.
>>> > - there are a few packages that look like backports: python-dateutil,
>>> > nanomsg, python-pytz, python-jsonschema
>>> > - tesla-binutils is a "real" host binutils (non-cross)
>>> > - there's tesla-libsystemd stub that builds a libsystemd with stubbed
>>> > functions
>>> Makes me wonder why they don't use a BR2_EXTERNAL.
>> Probably because (AFAIK) it is not yet possible to override base package in
>> a BR2_EXTERNAL. I have tripped on this myself a couple of times, and ended
>> up providing a top-level Makefile in the repo for my BR2_EXTERNAL which
>> downloads a certain version of the Buildroot tarball and applies a couple
>> of patches over it, then proceeds to chain up to the Buildroot Makefiles
>> passing the path BR2_EXTERNAL path down to them (so from the point of view
>> of somebody building, they just download the BR2_EXTERNAL repo and do “make
>> foo_defconfig && make”).
> I do the same thing. The top level Makefile exports BR2_EXTERNAL="..",
> there's a target for cloning and checking out a specific Buildroot
> revision, then there's a wildcard pattern at the end to pass any
> unrecognized targets up to Buildroot's Makefile, so things like
> "linux-menuconfig" still work.
> It keeps my project repos nicely separated from upstream, and makes it
> easy to pull in upstream changes.
> I also have a few custom targets for taking the generated filesystem
> images, and packing them up with an installer and manifest.
> It would be nice if the manual covered some of these approaches,
> because when I first started using Buildroot, it wasn't immediately
> apparent how to do what I needed. Some examples would go a long way in
> that regard, I might see what I can do about that later.

I liked the split of having third party software in an upstream-based
separate buildroot repo, and only proprietary components in
BR2_EXTERNAL. That way it's easier to separate out the portion you
need to share for compliance (i.e. see current github contents), while
having a place to keep confidential material, work on new
configs/products/prototypes/internal uses that are not yet released,
etc in the BR2_EXTERNAL. As expressed above, wrapping it with a second
layer of makefiles makes it relatively easy to deal with.

Removing the upstream package and adding it locally really is no
different from replacing the contents in the repo. A rebase would do
the same.


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