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>> > [...]
>> >
>> > - there's a tesla-verity package which seems to be a custom init that
>> > checks the validity of the verity metadata and interacts with
>> > firmware to check soc lock status before calling dmsetup.
>> > - there are a few packages that look like backports: python-dateutil,
>> > nanomsg, python-pytz, python-jsonschema
>> > - tesla-binutils is a "real" host binutils (non-cross)
>> > - there's tesla-libsystemd stub that builds a libsystemd with stubbed
>> > functions
>> Makes me wonder why they don't use a BR2_EXTERNAL.
> Probably because (AFAIK) it is not yet possible to override base package in
> a BR2_EXTERNAL. I have tripped on this myself a couple of times, and ended
> up providing a top-level Makefile in the repo for my BR2_EXTERNAL which
> downloads a certain version of the Buildroot tarball and applies a couple
> of patches over it, then proceeds to chain up to the Buildroot Makefiles
> passing the path BR2_EXTERNAL path down to them (so from the point of view
> of somebody building, they just download the BR2_EXTERNAL repo and do “make
> foo_defconfig && make”).

I do the same thing. The top level Makefile exports BR2_EXTERNAL="..",
there's a target for cloning and checking out a specific Buildroot
revision, then there's a wildcard pattern at the end to pass any
unrecognized targets up to Buildroot's Makefile, so things like
"linux-menuconfig" still work.

It keeps my project repos nicely separated from upstream, and makes it
easy to pull in upstream changes.

I also have a few custom targets for taking the generated filesystem
images, and packing them up with an installer and manifest.

It would be nice if the manual covered some of these approaches,
because when I first started using Buildroot, it wasn't immediately
apparent how to do what I needed. Some examples would go a long way in
that regard, I might see what I can do about that later.

> It would be great to allow overriding base packages in a BR2_EXTERNAL 🤔
> Cheers,
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>  Adrián 🎩
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