[Buildroot] [PATCH v2-RESEND 3/6] zynqmp-pmufw-binaries: new package

Luca Ceresoli luca at lucaceresoli.net
Thu May 3 16:26:58 UTC 2018


On 12/04/2018 11:09, Thomas Petazzoni wrote:
> Hello Luca,
> On Wed, 11 Apr 2018 23:03:17 +0200, Luca Ceresoli wrote:
>>> So this hints at the fact that this firmware is board specific. Is that
>>> correct ? If so, shouldn't we plan on making the Git repo and its
>>> version configurable ?  
>> The firmware is board-specific and configuration-specific. The plan for
>> that repo, however, is to have all supported board+config combinations
>> supported in all versions, thus the lack of a version selection knob.
> "all" ? I'm pretty sure a lot of people will be doing custom designs,
> and will not be willing to push their firmware binary to your public
> repository.
>>> I mean, what are the chances that for some random ZynqMP board, your
>>> Github repo will contain the appropriate firmware file ?  
>> Good point. My repo there is ready to hold any possible board+config
>> combination that is interesting for known boards. I would love to host
>> more boards there (contributilns would be welcome). However I don't
>> think we'll ever see any custom board, which reduces its usefulness.
>> Thus a simpler, but more flexible, option might be to nuke the
>> zynqmp-pmufw-binaries BR package and let uboot fetch the pmufw.bin from
>> a plain URL (https:// or file://). For standard devboards the URL could
>> point to my repo, but it can be anywhere else (for custom boards).
> Ah, this seems like a better option indeed, especially since the
> firmware is a single file. It could be locally available, or downloaded
> from HTTP. Sounds like a good plan.

I just sent v3 which implements this. Thanks Yann for having fixed

>>> Generally speaking, it's a bit annoying that we can't build this from
>>> source. I understand it needs a Microblaze toolchain, so it's very
>>> difficult to integrate in Buildroot :-/  
>> Indeed, and this is *the* big topic.
>> There are several variations that could be considered, but none have
>> been attempted AFAIK. Here they are, simplest to hardest:
>> 1. Build the PMUFW in Buildroot (kind of)
>> Add a script (e.g. board/zynqmp/build-pmufw.sh) that builds a microblaze
>> toolchain and the PMUFW with a given config. The commands are already
>> there: [0].
>> The script would then be called manually before Buildroot runs, or it
>> could be wrapped in a Buildroot package that uboot depends on. Takes ~8
>> minutes on a modern quad core machine.
>> * Simple to do, not well integrated, longer build time.
> Yeah, the integration with Buildroot here is really not great, because
> Crosstool-NG will do its own downloading, etc.
>> 2. Let SPL install the PMUFW config
>> This is what the Xilinx workflow does (in the Xilinx FSBL, which is more
>> or less equivalent to U-Boot SPL). This allows The PMUFW can be a unique
>> blob for all boards.
>> This moves the configuration object from a piece of early firmware
>> (PMUFW) to another piece of early firmware (SPL). Both pieces are
>> residing in the same BOOT.BIN file, so there's no added flexibility for
>> the "user": upon a config change, you still have to update the BOOT.BIN
>> file in the boot medium.
>> There are also licensing issues preventing this, since the configuration
>> object file license is not compatible with the U-Boot license. Xilinx
>> _might_ be willing to fix this, however.
>> * Could be doable, perhaps tricky.
>> 3. Don't have any config object...
>> ...and change the PMUFW source code to assign dynamically peripherals to
>> cores at runtime, based on requests from cores! :->
>> * Maybe doable, potentially dangerous, definitely hard to do.
> Not sure I understand enough of what the PMUFW is doing to understand
> (2) and (3). And yes, I did attend your talk at FOSDEM about
> ZynqMP ! :-)

Which perhaps means I should improve my communication skills! :-\


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