[Buildroot] Build for sama5d3 mmc doesn't boot

Matthew Weber matthew.weber at rockwellcollins.com
Thu Mar 29 15:41:52 UTC 2018


On Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 6:18 PM, Joshua Henderson
<joshua.henderson at microchip.com> wrote:
> Matthew,

> I can reproduce.  This is fixed in at91bootstrap v3.8.10.  See here [1].
> Give me a bit to do some more testing and I'll update the defconfigs.
> In the meantime, if you're trying to get past this, set
> BR2_TARGET_AT91BOOTSTRAP3_CUSTOM_REPO_VERSION="v3.8.10" and you should
> be good to go.
> [1]: https://github.com/linux4sam/at91bootstrap/commit/fb47cd7e5fddf8b924d92ede1da61d416e7ef81c

I tried that change to the boot strap with a buildroot toolchain GCC6
with the 3.8.10 and nothing output. Didn't test with GCC7, I'll kick
that off.

>> I've kicked off another build defaulting back to a buildroot toolchain
>> (GCC6.x) and glibc.

***Confirmed GCC6  does work.


AT91Bootstrap 3.8.9 (Thu Mar 29 10:36:02 CDT 2018)

SD/MMC: Image: Read file u-boot.bin to 0x26f00000
SD: Card Capacity: High or Extended
SD: Specification Version 3.0X
SD/MMC: Done to load image

U-Boot 2017.03-linux4sam_5.7 (Mar 29 2018 - 10:36:07 -0500)

Crystal frequency:       12 MHz
CPU clock        :      528 MHz
Master clock     :      132 MHz
DRAM:  256 MiB
NAND:  256 MiB


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