[Buildroot] [PATCH 2/8] gst-plugins-{base, good, bad, ugly}: bump to 1.14

Martin Kepplinger martin.kepplinger at ginzinger.com
Tue Mar 20 15:25:37 UTC 2018

On 2018-03-20 15:48, Adam Duskett wrote:
> These are grouped together because several plugins have been re-arranged and
> there is no way to individually update each plugin package.
> Changes:
> Add the following to gst1-plugins-base and remove them from plugins-bad:
>  - opengl
>  - gles2
>  - glx
>  - egl
>  - x11
>  - wayland
>  - dispmanx
>  - audiomixer
> Add the following to plugins-good and remove them from plugins-ugly:
>  - lame
>  - mpg123

Thanks for timely work!

--disable-qt has moved from bad to good too (which means it seems to be
enabled now)

It builds for me, but strangely, gst1-plugin-good's HAVE_QT is not set;
even though I clearly have qt5 built before it.

In short: It would be nice to enable Qt for gstreamer properly, instead
of moving --disable-qt from bad to good.

To be specific, I want to get gstreamer's qmlglsink element to be built.
Do you have any more insight on how the configuration would look like?


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