[Buildroot] [RFC] how to deal with a dependency on configure in a "Makefile"

Charles Hardin charles.hardin at storagecraft.com
Tue Mar 13 19:27:30 UTC 2018

To anyone really,

So, we hit this problem that took me a while to figure out - but, it seems to be that
xfsprogs has this bit in the Makefile when it extracts:

configure: configure.ac
        cp include/install-sh .
        aclocal -I m4

include/builddefs: configure
        ./configure $$LOCAL_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS

And the timestamps on the tar extraction end up in a race so that this gets invoked
during the “build” - so, I tried looking at other packages to deal with this and I can
just touch configure on a PRE_CONFIGURE hook to get it to bounce forward or
I could set AUTORECONF on xfsprogs. But, is there a preferred method to deal
with this?

Thanks in advance,
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