[Buildroot] [PATCH] docs/manual: document filesystems

Yann E. MORIN yann.morin.1998 at free.fr
Sun Jun 10 08:35:44 UTC 2018

Carlos, Arnout, All,

On 2018-06-10 10:12 +0200, Yann E. MORIN spake thusly:
> On 2018-06-09 19:20 -0300, Carlos Santos spake thusly:
> > Packages are supposed to install, remove or modify files in the global
> > $(TARGET_DIR) hierarchy.

I forgot to say that this will no longer be true when we (eventually)
introduce the top-level parallel build, because, as Arnout already said,
each package will install in its own, private copy of TARGET_DIR, not
only that, but also its private STAGING_DIR and HOST_DIR as well.

One thing that Arnout suggested, is to (mostly) get rid of TARGET_DIR,
in favour of a package-prefix FOO_TARGET_DIR (amd similarly for

However I still don't think that is a good idea, because that would
allow packages to easily find and write into another package's
TARGET_DIR. Using a single TARGET_DIR, instead, will make it harder
(but not impossible, agreed).

Ditto filesystems.

So I believe we still want to keep a context-specific TARGET_DIR. It is
easier to use, it is more stable, we can update it at will, and it makes
it harder for packages and filesystems to do weird stuff.

Yann E. MORIN.

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