[Buildroot] using LINUX_DIR variable in BR

ravi chandran ravigct27 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 16:43:10 UTC 2018

     I am trying to include the path of the linux kernel(source located in
output/build/linux) in one of the makefile which is located outside the
linux directory.


But when i try to refer the  KERNEL_DIR , it is empty.

Am i missing something here, can some one please help?

I used LINUX_DIR variable as it is mentioned in the BR doc

You may also reference (but you may *not* set!) those variables:

   - LINUX_DIR contains the path to where the Linux kernel has been
   extracted and built.
   - LINUX_VERSION contains the version string as configured by the user.
   - LINUX_VERSION_PROBED contains the real version string of the kernel,
   retrieved with running make -C $(LINUX_DIR) kernelrelease
   - KERNEL_ARCH contains the name of the current architecture, like arm,

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