[Buildroot] LADSPA on Buildroot

Martin Bark martin at barkynet.com
Tue Feb 27 15:07:43 UTC 2018


Can you make sure you include the buildroot mailing list for buildroot questions

On 26 February 2018 at 18:38, Sjoerd Venema <srg.venema at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> I see that you have tried to install LADSPA on Buildroot?
> Did you ever succeed at that?

It was a while back now but from memory I experimented with LADSPA
using it to add a high pass filter to the audio device.  I submitted
some patches but in then end we decided not to include them in
buildroot due to the lack of development in the project (no activity
since 2007).

> I ask, because I'm trying the same thing, but don't know much about
> cross-compiling..

You can find my old patches here:


They add the ladspa-sdk, caps and alsaequal packages to buildroot so
they will get cross compiled for your target.  You could try
resurrecting them for your needs.



> Love to hear.
> rgds,
> Sjoerd

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