[Buildroot] Build error for lz4 package on x86-64 (buildroot 2017.02.10)

Tjeerd Bakker tjeerd.bakker38 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 08:17:12 UTC 2018

Hi all,

Since the latest LTS release 2017.02.10, lz4 fails to build on x86-64, it
gives an include error for gnu/stubs-32.h. This is caused by commit
which causes lz4 to try to build 32 bit binaries because of the "all" make
target in the LZ4_BUILD_CMDS. Replacing the "all" target with "lib
lz4programs" fixes this. (Actually, this excludes the 'm32' target in

I'm new to buildroot development. Should I create a patch in Patchwork, or
a pull request in Github?

Thank you,

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