[Buildroot] [Bug 11556] Can not build qt5base 5.11.2 with weston 3.0.0 and vivante GPU. error: invalid conversion from ‘void*’ to ‘EGLNativeDisplayType {aka wl_display*}’ [-fpermissive]

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Wed Dec 19 16:00:48 UTC 2018


--- Comment #10 from Patrick Koller <koller at stettbacher.ch> ---
Hi Peter,

Thanks for your hint. Now, I am able to build wayland/weston (without qt)
sucessfully (With both toolchains). As soon as I try to build qt5, the previous
mentioned error (qwaylanddisplay.cpp:315:35: error: could not convert
‘{listener, data}’ from ‘<brace-enclosed initializer list>’ to
‘QtWaylandClient::QWaylandDisplay::Listener’) occurs. Do you have a hint to
solve this problem?
Thanks in advance.

Best regards


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