[Buildroot] [PATCH] configs/chiliboard: remove explicit getty port

Marcin Niestrój m.niestroj at grinn-global.com
Mon Dec 10 11:12:28 UTC 2018

Peter Korsgaard <peter at korsgaard.com> writes:

>>>>>> "Marcin" == Marcin Niestroj <m.niestroj at grinn-global.com> writes:
>  > Using default value (console) works well, so there is no reason to set
>  > tty explicitly. Additionally after selecting newer kernels (tested
>  > with 4.19 and 4.20-rc3) ttyO0 no longer works due to missing device
>  > node.
> Do you know why this is so? Did ttyO0 get renamed?

I don't know what exactly has changed, as I have not investigated it
deeply. I think that CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_OMAP_TTYO_FIXUP changed the
behavior a little bit, so now there are only ttySx devices, with no
ttyOx anymore. Another possibility is that ttyO0 was created in older
kernel versions, because it was passed by u-boot directly as boot
argument to kernel.

> Committed, thanks.


Marcin Niestrój

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