[Buildroot] [PATCH 1/1] netsnmp: install all MIB files

Arnout Vandecappelle arnout at mind.be
Wed Sep 13 21:24:55 UTC 2017

On 13-09-17 14:16, Julien Floret wrote:
> Honestly, I could not tell... netsnmp is quite complicated. Ensuring
> we don't lose any functionality after changing the default modules
> would probably require a deeper investigation and knowledge of netsnmp
> code that I'm not able to do right now. And it seems netsnmp "make
> install" installs MIB description files, whether or not the module(s)
> using them are enabled or not.
> What's more, if I recall correctly, modules can still work without
> their MIB description file - they just cannot translate object IDs
> into human-readable names.

 OK. Well, the only thing this patch does, in the end, is make the target
filesystem a bit bigger. By how much, do you know?

 Users can always remove unneeded MIBs in a post-build script.

> But without this patch, netsnmp is unusable for us, because we need
> the object names and this hardcoded BLOAT_MIBS list removes mandatory
> MIB files whatever the configuration options.

 That's a good reason!

> (By the way, some of the MIBS in BLOAT_MIBS (RFC-1215 and RFC1155-SMI)
> don't seem to be suppressed, because the suffix added in
> NETSNMP_REMOVE_BLOAT_MIBS ("-MIB.txt") doesn't apply for them...)

 Yeah, the option is from the very first time the package was added 7 years ago,
and hasn't been updated through all the version bumps...

>>  Probably extending BR2_PACKAGE_NETSNMP_WITHOUT_MIB_MODULES should be a separate
>> patch anyway.
> Yes, probably. I'm not sure these default values are the most common
> case, however.

 Never mind that, since it's anyway not really related, as you say.

> Also, IMHO having two options {WITH,WITHOUT}_MIB_MODULES makes quite
> difficult to know which modules are really enabled in the end.
> I'm starting to think that maybe a better approach would be to have
> one Config.in option per module... This would be clearer and would
> perhaps also allow removing unused MIB files according to the modules
> that are enabled or not.

 But that would make for a really long list of options, no? I think that that's
a bit too much.

> So do you think this patch is acceptable for now?

 I've applied, thanks.

 Perhaps you could write up a CHANGES entry that explains that people should
remove unneeded MIBs in a post-build script?


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