[Buildroot] [Patch v7 04/10] rust-bootstrap: new package

Eric Le Bihan eric.le.bihan.dev at free.fr
Thu Sep 7 19:33:58 UTC 2017


On 17-08-11 01:13:38, Arnout Vandecappelle wrote:
> On 23-07-17 10:12, Eric Le Bihan wrote:
> > This new package fetches a binary snapshot of the Rust compiler,
> > suitable to bootstrap the host variant of the Rust compiler.
> >
> > To bootstrap rustc version N, rustc N-1 is used.
>  Is it really needed/useful to use N-1 to bootstrap with? From the user's
> perspective, that's just another useless download, right?

AFAIK, rust N should be able to compile N, so it seems logical to get
rid of rust-bootstrap and use rustc-bin (with rust-std-bin) instead.
I'll make some tests, though.

So, should host-rustc-bin provide $(BR2_PACKAGE_HOST_RUSTC_BIN_AS_BOOTSTRAP),
which should disable traditional installation if set?

>  In fact, this way rust-bootstrap can be eliminated entirely: host-rust-bin can
> be used instead. It does complicate things a little bit, because in that case we
> should NOT depend on (target) rust-std-bin. So that means that host-rust-bin
> shouldn't depend on rust-std-bin, so that dependency should be added in some
> different way...

It is true that, in that case, we only need the standard library for
host from host-rust-std-bin. If it installs target and host versions of
the library, we have a useless download.


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