[Buildroot] Orange Pi HDMI to VGA output

Kurt Van Dijck dev.kurt at vandijck-laurijssen.be
Tue Sep 5 09:41:03 UTC 2017

> >>>>> "apin" == apin prastya <apin.klas at gmail.com> writes:
>  > Hello All,
>  > I have successfully build the orangepi_one_defconfig. And able to boot and
>  > output to serial console.
>  > Its been a while I struggle with the HDMI output (I am using HDMI to VGA
>  > converter) and no success to make the console output to HDMI.
>  > Here what i have done so far :
>  >    1. enable sunxi board on buildroot config and set the .fex to
>  >    a20/orangepi.fex (attached orangepi.fex)
>  >    2. modify the boot.cmd to : setenv bootargs console=ttyS0,115200
>  >    console=tty0 console=tty1 hdmi.audio=EDID:0
>  >    disp.screen0_output_mode=1280x720p60 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootwait panic=10
>  > Anyone has clue to enable HDMI output please let me know.
>  > Thanks,
> The orangepi_one_defconfig uses the mainline Linux kernel, which doesn't
> support the HDMI output yet or use .fex files, so this won't work.

My experience with HDMI to VGA convertors, on a beaglebone:

an "HDMI to VGA" convertor needs power.
An HDMI port provides, per spec, up to 10mA or so.
So, if you're using such HDMI to VGA convertor:
The beaglebone has a polyfuse to enforce this current limit.
Then the HDMI to VGA will never actually power up and fail to
emit VGA signal.
I once managed to succeed here with bypassing the polyfuse with a wire.
Again, this experience was on a beaglebone!
Peters comment above still applies :-)

Kind regards,

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