[Buildroot] [PATCH 04/14 v4] package/skeleton: split out into skeleton-custom

Arnout Vandecappelle arnout at mind.be
Wed Jul 26 00:16:12 UTC 2017

 Hi Yann,

On 25-07-17 23:14, Yann E. MORIN wrote:
> For the custom skeleton, we practicaly do nothing, except ensure it
                              do practically

> contains the basic, required directories, and that those are properly
> setup wrt. merged /usr.

 I don't like this: you are doing *a whole lot* more than just moving stuff from
skeleton to skeleton-custom (and renaming the variables):

> +SKELETON_CUSTOM_LIB_INODE = $(shell stat -c '%i' $(SKELETON_CUSTOM_PATH)/lib/. 2>/dev/null)
> -SKELETON_LIB_INODE = $(shell stat -c '%i' $(SKELETON_PATH)/lib/.)

> +# Ensure that the custom skeleton has /lib, /bin and /sbin, and their
> +# /usr counterparts
> +endif

> +# For a merged /usr, ensure that /lib, /bin and /sbin and their /usr
> +# counterparts are appropriately setup as symlinks ones to the others.

> +endif
> -endif

> +$(error The custom skeleton in $(SKELETON_CUSTOM_PATH) is \
> +	missing those directories or symlinks: \
> +endif

 Now, I understand that it's tricky to rebase things correctly, and splitting
this up is anyway mainly relevant for review, so I've just updated the commit
message to reflect all these changes.

> +$(error The custom skeleton in $(SKELETON_PATH) is not \
> +       using a merged /usr for the following directories: \

 Spaces should be tab.

> +# Provided by the 'skeleton' package:

 As mentioned in an earlier review, this is in system now and it's quite clear
that SYSTEM_RSYNC comes from system.mk, so I've removed this.

 I've fixed all that and was going to apply, but then I noticed that patch 1
breaks our tests, so I refrained from pushing it. You can fetch it from
https://gitlab.com/arnout/buildroot (master branch; will be rebased away in a
couple of days).


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