[Buildroot] Are these packages already present or easy to add?

Jo contact at samplerbox.org
Thu May 28 14:36:12 UTC 2015


For my open-source project www.samplerbox.org, I think that using
Buildroot would be great (fast boot time, etc.).

The requirements for https://github.com/josephernest/SamplerBox  are:

* python-dev  (probably already there?)
* cython   (not needed on target, only on host)
* python-smbus    (present?)
* portaudio19-dev    (present?)
* https://github.com/superquadratic/rtmidi-python.git       (to be done...)
* http://people.csail.mit.edu/hubert/git/pyaudio.git           (to be done...)

I imagine you are already busy on lots of projects, but if some of you
have skills to build  the missing packages or contribute to making a
Buildroot for SamplerBox, it would help me a lot.

I will happily donate for help :)



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