[Buildroot] [OT] Cross-platform Host-SDK infrastructure similar to buildroot?

Bryce Schober bryce.schober at gmail.com
Tue May 19 18:37:55 UTC 2015

Hello folks, I have a question that is only tangentially related to

I really like the "buildroot" style of managing the versions of packages
and libraries and configurations in one place to generate a self-consistent
"SDK" for the target... But what I'd really like is the same convenience
for the host. Is there anything like buildroot that enables you to easily
build a set of libraries and packages for the host? Especially one that
could handle multiple platforms, for example including linux as well as
mingw and osx... Does such a fabled unicorn of awsomeness exist?

I've been abusing buildroot a bit to have it build some of the less
host-configuration-dependent libraries, but it's not a great fit. If I
build for a "target" that matches the host configuration, then all of the
dependencies must be met with buildroot-generated libraries, and it can't
depend on even commonly-available host libraries. If I build host versions
of packages, then I often have to hack / improve the buildroot package to
even support building for the host. So neither way really works very
cleanly. And I can't really imagine what it would take to hack buildroot
into cross-building for mingw-64...

And buildroot is pretty root-file-system focused as well. I imagine that
what I would need is for the the "build" part of buildroot to be more
independent from the "root" part of buildroot, so that it could be more
target-agnostic. Has this subject ever come up under the buildroot umbrella

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Bryce Schober
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