[Buildroot] [PATCH] logrotate: Bump version to 3.8.9

Thomas Petazzoni thomas.petazzoni at free-electrons.com
Mon Mar 30 19:29:13 UTC 2015

Dear Benoît Thébaudeau,

On Mon, 30 Mar 2015 02:32:36 +0200, Benoît Thébaudeau wrote:
> Signed-off-by: Benoît Thébaudeau <benoit.thebaudeau.dev at gmail.com>
> ---
>  package/logrotate/0001-make-autoreconfable.patch | 20 ++++++++++++++++++++
>  package/logrotate/logrotate.mk                   | 23 +++++++++++++----------
>  2 files changed, 33 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)
>  create mode 100644 package/logrotate/0001-make-autoreconfable.patch

I've applied, after doing a number of changes:

  - add comment explaining why AUTORECONF = YES is needed
  - expand commit log
  - use --without/--with instead of --with=yes/--with=no
  - fix indentation in the ACL condition]

Especially, next time, please include more details in the commit log: a
bump that converts from generic-package to autotools-package definitely
deserves a comment in the commit log, as well as the usage of
<pkg>_AUTORECONF = YES when it's non-obvious.

Feel free to send a follow-up patch to add a hash file for the
logrotate package.

Thanks a lot,

Thomas Petazzoni, CTO, Free Electrons
Embedded Linux, Kernel and Android engineering

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