[Buildroot] stuttering usb audio raspberry pi

Lou Crittenden loucrittenden63 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 02:58:17 UTC 2015

Hello all. How do I get rid of stuttering audio on a usb audio device that
is connected to a raspberry pi? My system uses a waveshare32b screen for
the console output that is connected to the gpio ports, and the audio
stuttering happens the worst when there is activity on the screen, like the
output of an mplayer session, to the point the audio is garbled, but not so
much when the console is quiet, but the stuttering is still there, just

I suspect that the culprit could be an IRQ conflict between the usb and
gpio ports or something like that, according to this page:

Is this the issue, and if yes, how could I reassign them?

I have my current buildroot configuration if this helps.
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