[Buildroot] Proposed patch: allow setting an hashed root password

Lorenzo Catucci lorenzo at sancho.ccd.uniroma2.it
Sun Mar 22 15:09:30 UTC 2015

Please find enclosed my proposed patch. I've posted the patch to a GH fork of
the main repository too: look at the «hashed_root_pw» branch of


The reason I've enabled the new «BR2_TARGET_GENERIC_ROOT_PASSWD_HASH»
configuration option is being able to set a "*" password hash for the root
user without being forced to put a static /etc/shadow inside BR2_ROOTFS_OVERLAY.

Even if setting a "real" password, I think the option to put a sha256 or
sha512 hash in the .config is a lot less scary than putting a plaintext
password, especially in the case of sha512 .

Thank you very much, yours

	lorenzo m catucci

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