[Buildroot] [RFC 01/11] common service startup files

Arnout Vandecappelle arnout at mind.be
Sun Mar 22 13:41:50 UTC 2015

On 22/03/15 12:45, Yann E. MORIN wrote:
> Alex, All,
> On 2015-03-21 20:27 +0200, Alex Suykov spake thusly:
>> This patch introduces support infrastructure for per-project .run files.
>> Any .run files in package directory are picked up by pkg-generic code,
>> fed to support/init/install-run script which converts them into either
>> sysv initscripts or systemd unit files and installs those into predefined
>> locations. The package itself provides only the .run files, no code
>> in package .mk file is necessary.
>> Packages that install some of their services conditionally may set
>> $(PKG)_INIT = list of run files to install. As a side effect, this
>> removes the need to handle S99foo S99bar vs foo.service bar.service
>> with the package .mk file.
> I think this shoule be always set in the .mk, even if not conditional,
> and that pkg-generic only handles what's been explicitly declared by the
> package.

 Well, that's not how we do it for .hash and .patch...

 I would rather remove the option of setting _INIT from the package.mk file, if
the goal is to simplify things.

>> Packages that need to substititue some values within their service
>> files may set $(PKG)_INIT = KEY:value KEY:value ..., which will be
>> handled by install-run. The substitutions will be applied to sysv
>> and systemd files.
> What we previously discussed was something like the following (for
> sysv-init):

 We discussed it but I didn't agree :-)

 I want to keep things simple, and any customisation should go through fs-overlay.

>     /etc/init.d/S??foo  <- startup script for package 'foo'
>     /etc/defaults/foo   <- contains default configuration of package
>                            'foo', as installed by Buildroot.
>     /etc/config/foo     <- optional file, contains the user-supplied
>                            override configuration for package 'foo'
> Then, the "startup script" would read those files, starting with the one
> in /etc/defaults/ and then, if present, the one in /etc/config/ . This
> would allow /etc to be read-only, and /etc/config to be a read-write
> mountpoint.

 Sounds nice, but you'd still need something like uci to manage /etc/config, and
then it probably wouldn't even work with uci...

> Those files would be provided by the packages, like is done for now.
> And similarly for systemd, except a lot of packages are now providing
> systemd unit files, and there is no reason we would provide our own
> instead, since that would probably bit-rot in the long term, so we
> probably would prefer to use whatever upstream provides.

 I totally agree with this: if a package provides a systemd unit file, it should
be used and we shouldn't touch it.

 However, I believe that a package will normally just install the unit file and
not add the symlink to actually start it, so that's something we still have to
take care of.

> So, what we really care about are sysv initscripts, since they are in a
> very bad shape:
>   - upstream-provided scripts are too ugly, and often tied to a
>     particular distro;
>   - our own scripts are mot very clean either, for some have been around
>     for a looong time.


>> In case particular init system needs hand-crafted startup files
>> or cannot handle certain services at all, install-run may be told
>> so using special lines in the .run file.
> I'm afraid this would be abused in the long run, becasue .run syntax is
> too specific to Buildroot.

 I'm not sure what you mean with abuse. For downstream packages, we don't really
care if they're using custom scripts or .run, and for patches to buildroot we'll
make sure that they use .run if possible.


>> This patch does not remove existing BR2_INIT_{SYSV,SYSTEMD} hooks.
>> Each package should either provide .run files or define hooks, but not both.
> Right.
> Regards,
> Yann E. MORIN.

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