[Buildroot] openssl 1.0.2 with sed error of unknown option

Walt Chow wchowfoss at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 23:20:55 UTC 2015

Upgrading to openssl 1.0.2, I came across a problem during configuration as

Configured for linux-generic32.

/usr/bin/sed: -e expression #1, char 141: unknown option to `s' make[1]:

The problem comes from openssl.mk:

$(SED) "s:-O[0-9]:$(OPENSSL_CFLAGS):" $(@D)/Makefile

When it expands OPENSSL_CFLAGS, it contains content like "-rpath
With this the sed operation will fail.  To resolve this problem, I replaced
: with ! like:

$(SED) "s!-O[0-9]!$(OPENSSL_CFLAGS)!" $(@D)/Makefile
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