[Buildroot] postgresql: uClibc build

Alex Potapenko opotapenko at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 20:05:57 UTC 2015

Hi all,
Currently in buildroot postgresql build requires glibc. According to the
comments, due to this issue:
http://lists.uclibc.org/pipermail/uclibc/2014-April/048326.html. However,
it is pretty simple to have it built: simply comment out line "#define
HAVE_LOCALE_T" in src/include/pg_config.h after running configure build.
This will disable the use of locale_t, and therefore of undefined
I have built optware package postgresql this way using
uClibc buildroot 2015.02 toolchain just fine:
https://github.com/alllexx88/optware/blob/master/make/postgresql.mk, so I
think you can use a similar fix and remove glibc requirement

Best regards,
Alex Potapenko
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