[Buildroot] [PATCH 00/13] autobuild-run: python3 compat and misc improvements

Thomas De Schampheleire patrickdepinguin at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 21:52:41 UTC 2015

On March 1, 2015 10:37:09 PM CET, "André Erdmann" <dywi at mailerd.de> wrote:
>>> The advantage of docopt is that it's really simple and you always
>have the
>>> usage message in the script, but I'd prefer argparse primarily
>because it's a built-in
>>> module (in py >= 2.7). It also features arg validation (via
>>> There's much more like subparsers, call a <function> each time an
><arg> is encountered
>>> and whatnot, but that's not of interest here.
>>> The major improvement of the docopt approach is reading the config
>>> into a few dicts that can be easily merged rather than doing a 3-way
>merge manually
>>> (defaults as locals X ini file parser X argparser namedtuple-like
>object). That's a
>>> good idea. It's doable with argparse as well,
>"vars(parser.parse_args())" returns
>>> the parsed args as dict.
>>> So, the ((untested)) prototype of a "dict-improved" config_get()
>argparse variant would be:
>>> [...]
>> Thanks a lot for your feedback.
>> Maybe it's because I haven't seen the full solution yet, but this
>> handling seems much more involved than the docopt approach. In
>> particular it's odd that there would need to be explicit handling of
>> things like nonempty or positive_int, which isn't necessary with
>> standard argparse nor docopt.
>They're purely optional - I've just put them in there to demonstrate
>how the input can be restricted so that "--ninstances hello" would get
>rejected by the parser (which docopt would not). You could also set
>"type=int" instead of "type=positive_int", which is shorter code-wise,
>but slighlty less correct.

Thanks for clarifying, it makes more sense to me now. Keeping argparse but using the
 dict-merging isn't too bad, it would address my main concern with the original
 code (the not-so-beautiful handling of the arguments).

So Thomas P: it's your call now: I'm just as ok with going for the approach proposed
 by André.

Best regards,

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