[Buildroot] [PATCH v2 1/1] board: add support for Warpboard

Arnout Vandecappelle arnout at mind.be
Thu Jun 25 22:26:23 UTC 2015

On 06/25/15 10:54, Arthur LAMBERT wrote:
> Arnout, All,
> Le Wednesday 24 Jun 2015 à 23:46:52 (+0200), Arnout Vandecappelle a écrit :
>>> +
>>> +Enable bluetooth
>>> +================
>>> +hciattach /dev/ttymxc4 any
>>> +hciconfig hci0 up
>>> +
>>> +Enable Wifi
>>> +==========
>>> +modprobe brcmfmac
>>> +ifconfig wlan0 up
>>  To do something useful, you'll also need a wpa-supplicant I guess...
>>  Since you anyway have a rootfs overlay, you could add init scripts to start
>> wifi and bluetooth. We don't usually do that, but I think it would be a good idea.
> In fact I need bluez-util (to be able to run hciattach command also). And yes I also need wpa_supplicant for wifi.
> So ok I will enable these two packages and add init script

 Question for the other BR developers (especially Peter): do you agree it's a
good idea to make a non-minimal defconfig that includes bluez and wpa_supplicant?


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