[Buildroot] [git commit] gcc: switch to gcc 4.9 as the default version

Peter Korsgaard peter at korsgaard.com
Tue Jun 23 19:28:02 UTC 2015

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Petazzoni <thomas.petazzoni at free-electrons.com> writes:


 > These are always using the default gcc version. However, it is true
 > that all the other Buildroot toolchain configuration use pre-built
 > external toolchains, that are stuck to whatever was the default back
 > when 2015.05, except the following toolchains that already use gcc 4.9:

 > br-aarch64-glibc.config:BR2_GCC_VERSION_4_9_X=y
 > br-arm-cortex-a9-glibc.config:BR2_GCC_VERSION_4_9_X=y
 > br-arm-cortex-a9-musl.config:BR2_GCC_VERSION_4_9_X=y

 > But I can certainly trigger a rebuild of the toolchains with the most
 > recent Buildroot, using gcc 4.9 as the default, and having one
 > toolchain using gcc 5.1 to catch issues. Should I do this?

I think it would be interesting to do so, yes.


Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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