[Buildroot] [RFC v3 00/30] Add per-package staging feature

Fabio Porcedda fabio.porcedda at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 09:06:40 UTC 2015

On Fri, Jun 12, 2015 at 10:14 PM, Thomas Petazzoni
<thomas.petazzoni at free-electrons.com> wrote:
> Dear Fabio Porcedda,
> On Tue,  3 Mar 2015 10:17:05 +0100, Fabio Porcedda wrote:
>> this patch set aims to improve build reproducibility by using a
>> per-package staging directory.
>> Also this feature aims to enable as default the top-level parallel make.
> Here are some comments I wrote down a long time ago. It isn't a full
> review, but it should give some initial thoughts:

Thanks for reviewing it.

> If I understood correctly, the strategy used by your patches consists
> in storing only the bare toolchain sysroot in output/staging/, and
> using a per-package output/stagingpkg/<pkg>/ directory to store as an
> input to the build the staging files needed to build the package, and
> also as output the result of the build of the package.


> I am not entirely happy with this solution, for the following reasons:
>  * We no longer have a single staging directory that has all the
>    libraries installed. This is needed for the toolchain to be a
>    proper SDK usable by application developers outside of Buildroot.
>    To solve this, either we install everything to both the real
>    STAGING_DIR and a per-package staging directory, or we create a
>    final build step that consolidates all the per-package staging
>    directories into a global one. The advantage of this second option
>    is that we don't have any parallel installation going on in the
>    global staging directory.

I personally prefer too the second solution.

>  * I am not super happy with the idea of having the toolchain sysroot
>    left in the global staging directory and referenced by the compiler
>    --sysroot option on one side, and all other libraries found by
>    using -L, -I and pkg-config tricks.
>    I would actually prefer if a real complete sysroot was used when
>    building each package, and the compiler --sysroot option used to
>    adjust the compiler sysroot. This has however one significant
>    drawback: the toolchain sysroot must be copied for each and every
>    package, which can become quite time and space consuming. So on
>    this aspect, I'd like to have some input from other Buildroot
>    developers.

I've already rewritten the patch set using the --sysroot option in the
toolchain wrapper. I just need to clean it up and send it, i hope to
be able to send it tomorrow so we can choose the best solution for

>  * Your patch uses $($(2)_ADD_TOOLCHAIN_DEPENDENCY) to decide whether
>    the per-package sysroot mechanism must be used or not. Which means
>    it will only be used for target packages, and not for host
>    packages. However, I'm wondering if we should not also apply the
>    principle to host packages: to get reproducible builds, I believe
>    we should also have separate sysroots when building host
>    packages. Opinions from other Buildroot developers?
>  * Your approach only takes care of make the sysroot handled in a
>    per-package fashion. But what about HOST_DIR ? We could have the
>    same inconsistencies as the ones we discussed about STAGING_DIR, but
>    this time caused by the presence/absence of host utilities. One
>    build may give a given result because host tool "foo" is present (it
>    happened to be built before), and the next build may give a
>    different result because host tool "foo" is absent (it's going to be
>    build after).

You are right, but if possible i just want to handle the host
utilities matter as a next step after this step is done.

> Now some more specific comments:
>  - The "enable parallel" patch should come last in the series.


>  - The patches "popt: add to the "popt.pc" file the libintl library"
>    and "logrotate: use pkg-config for the opt library" have been
>    merged in master, so you could get rid of them from your series.


>  - In patch "xinetd: use TARGET_LDFLAGS in order to support
>    per-package staging", why don't we simply use the LDFLAGS
>    environment variable, which seems to be understood by xinetd
>    Makefile? Also, missing SoB line.

I need to test it.

>  - Patch "iproute2: use the TARGET_LDFLAGS variable" seems good to go,
>    if the commit log doesn't mention per-package sysroot, so that we
>    can merge it independently.


>  - Patch "opentyrian: use TARGET_LDFLAGS", having -lm before
>    $(TARGET_LDFLAGS) is probably more logical.


> I didn't finished reviewing all of the package specific patches.

Maybe you can review directly the rewritten patch set the use the
sysroot option.

Best regards
Fabio Porcedda

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