[Buildroot] [PATCH 1/2] package/thrift: fix build failure on bfin

Romain Naour romain.naour at openwide.fr
Sun Feb 22 21:46:59 UTC 2015

Hi Thomas,

Le 22/02/2015 22:27, Thomas Petazzoni a écrit :
> Dear Romain Naour,
> On Sun, 22 Feb 2015 22:25:06 +0100, Romain Naour wrote:
>> Libtool append the sysroot path (lt_sysroot) with the libdir value found in
>> the libstdc++.la file only with bfin toolchain.
> And to you know why ?

Not really...

I found a sed expression in ltmain.sh which seems to set libdir with libdir from libstdc++.la
"eval libdir=`$SED -n -e 's/^libdir=\(.*\)$/\1/p' $func_resolve_sysroot_result`"

Then the sysroot is appended right after that:
func_append newdependency_libs " ${lt_sysroot:+=}$libdir/$name"

So I tried to find from where the sed expression come from.
And I found lt_aix_libpath_sed in configure which is use to set lt_cv_aix_libpath__CXX.

"lt_cv_aix_libpath__CXX=`dump -H conftest$ac_exeext 2>/dev/null | $SED -n -e "$lt_aix_libpath_sed"`"

So I added lt_cv_aix_libpath__CXX in THRIFT_CONF_OPTS.

In not sure if we need to do that for other architecture/toolchain.

I hope this will further investigation.

Best regards,
> Thanks!
> Thomas

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