[Buildroot] setting up directfb for a raspberry pi + waveshare32b display

Peter Seiderer ps.report at gmx.net
Tue Feb 17 22:38:10 UTC 2015

Hello Lou,

On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 05:35:32PM -0600, Lou Crittenden wrote:
> Hi all. I have a buildroot setup running on a raspberry pi model b+ and a
> waveshare32b 3.2" display and was able to get the system to work with the
> display thanks to peter seiderer's awesome patch that builds the fbtft
> drivers for buildroot, but I now would like to set up directfb to work on
> this setup. Directfb built nicely, along with sdl and qt5 (I'm setting up
> the framework for a gui on a buildroot based media player), but I cannot
> get anything to work on directfb. I run the command "df_drivertest" that
> tests for the driver, and it gives a
> (#) DirectFBError [dfb->CreateSurface( dfb, &dsc, &primary )]: The
> requested operation or an argument is (currently)Not
> supported.
> The same thing happens when I try to run any of their directfb demos.
> I went on their site, directfb.org, and a lot of the links that would
> help are dead

Just a quick test:

$ df_knuckles --dfb:help
$ df_knuckles --dfb:fbdev=/dev/fb1
$ df_dok --dfb:fbdev=/dev/fb1
$ df_cpuload --dfb:fbdev=/dev/fb1

work for me...

$ df_drivertest  --dfb:fbdev=/dev/fb1
df_drivertest.c <97>:
        (#) DirectFBError [dfb->CreateSurface( dfb, &dsc, &primary )]: The requested operation or an argument is (currently) not supported



> I want to use a setup lighter than xorg and supports touchscreen for a
> gui on a multimedia player I am working on.

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