[Buildroot] Best-Practice Suggestions for developing package patches in buildroot

Jeremy Rosen jeremy.rosen at openwide.fr
Mon Feb 2 08:44:12 UTC 2015

> Either quilt or git, but more and more I use git. I generally clone
> the
> upstream repository somewhere completely separate from Buildroot,
> then
> create a branch called 'buildroot' with the starting point being the
> tag indicating the release of the software currently in use by
> Buildroot. Then, I import as separate Git commits each of the
> individual patches that Buildroot has for this package (if any). I do
> my work, and then use 'git format-patch' to format the patches and
> copy
> them back in Buildroot.

That's a great way of handling buildroot-provided patches, I hadn't
thought of that...

I'll add that to the buildroot-submodule documentation, that's a good 

> Quite ironically, I never use <pkg>_OVERRIDE_SRCDIR: I simply copy
> the
> patches back to the Buildroot package directory, and restart the
> package build process from scratch. Yes, this is inefficient, but one
> could pretend that it forces you to think twice before testing a
> stupid
> change :-)
> Also, I tend to very often start by hacking directly in
> output/build/<pkg>-<version>/, and once I have a good idea of the
> change that needs to be done, I do the Git work flow described above.
> Hope this helps,
> Thomas
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