[Buildroot] target options for Cortex A8/A9

Sagaert Johan sagaert.johan at skynet.be
Sun Feb 1 19:51:48 UTC 2015


I am using imx53, this cpu has according to the datasheet an NEON SIMD media accelerator
and an VFPv3 co-processor.
So I would assume the same selections options as for the A9.
I was wondering what makes the target options different for A8 vs A9.

I would think that for the imx53 it sould be the same as for the A9,
That is an NEON SIMD extension and a vfpv3 floating point engine.
Please clarify, it is a bit confusing to me.

For the A8 I can select vfpv3 OR Neon, but not vfpv3 WITH NEON extension.

Sagaert Johan

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