[Buildroot] [PATCH 0/1] [RFC] Reinstall Targets

Doug Kehn rdkehn at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 22 02:14:16 UTC 2014

This RFC proposes adding the following targets to pkg-generic.mk:

These targets remove the package's .stamp_*_installed file to allow the
<package>-install, <package>-install-staging, <package>-install-target
targets to execute.  The only method I presently know of to reinstall a
package is to make <package>-rebuild.  The proposed targets allow a
package reinstall without incurring a rebuild of the package.

In addition to allowing a reinstall to staging and/or target output
directories, the proposed targets allow selected packages to be
installed to a different 'target' directory.  For example, I attempt to
keep software updates as small as possible; therefore, I cherry-pick
files to include in the update package.  If I know packages foo and bar
have been updated, the following will install those packages to a
directory that can be further processed to generate the desired update

make TARGET_DIR=${PWD}/update \
	foo-clean-for-target-reinstall \

make TARGET_DIR=${PWD}/update \
	bar-clean-for-target-reinstall \

This proposal may also form the basis for the "TODO items under
discussion" for a make target to reinstall everything to the target.

* This is my first attempt at proposing a Buildroot submission.  Please
* let me know if I'm doing it wrong and/or what I can do better.

Doug Kehn (1):
  pkg-generic.mk: -clean-for-*-reinstall targets

 package/pkg-generic.mk | 8 ++++++++
 1 file changed, 8 insertions(+)


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