[Buildroot] Unable to boot Arm926t with big endian support

Grant Edwards grant.b.edwards at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 22:02:40 UTC 2014

On 2014-11-18, Peder Alm <peder.alm at semcon.com> wrote:
>> So that means that your ARM variant doesn't have any big endian support.
>> git grep ARCH_SUPPORTS_BIG_ENDIAN                                     ~/source/linux-2.6/arch/arm
>> Kconfig:        select ARCH_SUPPORTS_BIG_ENDIAN
>> mach-highbank/Kconfig:  select ARCH_SUPPORTS_BIG_ENDIAN
>> mach-keystone/Kconfig:  select ARCH_SUPPORTS_BIG_ENDIAN
>> mach-mvebu/Kconfig:     select ARCH_SUPPORTS_BIG_ENDIAN
>> mach-vexpress/Kconfig:  select ARCH_SUPPORTS_BIG_ENDIAN
>> mach-zynq/Kconfig:      select ARCH_SUPPORTS_BIG_ENDIAN
>> So big endian is only supported for ixp4xx, highbank, keystone, mvebu, vexpress and zynq.
> As I read the Atmel documenation for my CPU it tells me that it does support both little and big endian. Found this on at.com:
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Look at the bottom of page 40 in the doc6221.pdf doc,it says
> "For more details, see Chapter 2 in ARM926EJ-S TRM, ref. DDI0198B."
> Looking in the "ARM926EJ-S Technical Reference Manual" on page 2-13,
> located at:
> http://www.atmel.com/dyn/resources/prod_documents/arm_926ejs_trm.pdf
> we find:
> Table 2-11 Control bit functions register c1 (continued)
> [7] B bit Endianness: 0 = Little-endian operation 1 = Big-endian operation. Set to
> the value of BIGENDINIT on reset.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The ARM926EJ-S supports bigendian operation.  I believe that the Atmel
AT91SAM9260 does not.

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