[Buildroot] Howto use capes for the Beaglebone Black?

Ralph Koettlitz ralph.koettlitz at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 11:32:25 UTC 2014

I missed the development of device tree and my last information was that I
should use dtb file in /lib/firmware, but the kernel from the last stable
version 08.2014 for Beaglebone Black doesn't has a cape manager. like the
starter images from beagleboard.org. Looking at the repositories of Robert
C. Nelson gives me the idea newer kernels have something builtin.

I have a can cape and 7" lcd with touch screen and want to use them. What
must I do to activate them? I'm using the last stable version with the tI
kernel 3.12.10. Maybe I have to use a kernel from RobertCNelson?
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