[Buildroot] [PATCH v4 1/1] New package: openvmtools

Károly Kasza kaszak at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 23:02:17 UTC 2014

Hi Yann,

> I used dropbear's startup script as a template, and the indentation is
> > exactly the same. Also with openssh, exim or ptpd (and possibly some
> > others). I think I should not differ from those too much?
> OK, I undersand. But those scripts were intially written a loooong time
> ago. We prefer that new submissions be a bit more coherent. Eventually,
> someone will clean up those old scripts. One day. Maybe... ;-)
> > Although you are right, it's on the end of the dropbear startup script
> and
> > 26 other initscripts in the package/ subdir. I think I should leave this
> to
> > stay consistent with the others as above.
> I prefer we introduce sane new scripts. As said above, the others are
> really old, and no longer up to nowadays standards...
> > Thanks again, I'll send a v5 patch soon. Regarding the init script, I can
> > use only spaces/tabs, but then this script will differ from the others.
> > Should I?
> Yes, new scripts should be cleaner and saner than the old ones.

OK, I'll rewrite it, and also I can start rewriting all the others later,
no problem.
Besides on consistent usage of tabs/spaces (I guess changing tabs to spaces
using 2 for indenting) and omitting the exit code, do you have any other
suggestions? Can you point me to some coding style for scripts that you

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