[Buildroot] issues without busybox

Gilles gilles at whospot.com
Mon Jul 21 19:57:50 UTC 2014


Buildroot is a fantastic effort for small footprint devices. However, in my case - where I'd rather have something a bit more SystemV like with MMU, no busybox, a lot of things are broken.

Just naming a few I recently fixed to get past some issues:

- init network script S40network which tries to use ifup/ifdown only provided in ifupdown package not included.
- S45connman sript (if used) which relies on start-stop-daemon only provided with dpkg.

I understand that dependencies quickly add up to a nightmare and I for one would agree that it should be left up to the user of buildroot to figure them out.

What is the buildroot community feeling about this subject? I understand that the main focus is on busybox, is there a group of people interested in the non-busybox approach? I would be willing to contribute, after all, I have to do this work right now to get me up and going. This might benefit other people.


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