[Buildroot] About Buildroot+Qt+Qemu

lee choon gay choongay at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 9 14:11:47 UTC 2014

I am beginner for the tools stated above.
I am currently using Buildroot 2014.05, Released May 31st, 2014 to build kernel linux-3.14.4 with qt-4.8.6 for arch i386/variant i686.
Then execute the bzImage using Qemu.
Inside Qemu, I execute ./sliders -qws, I can see the GUI perfectly and able to type using keyboard.
The problem is I cannot control the mouse (even the mouse pointer seems moving - pointer appear at coordinate 0,0 and disappear at other coordinates).
I can't do anything with the mouse, can't click widget.

I am running out of idea. I tried with vnc, directfb and etc, but still can't solve the problem, other problems show up. 
Any body can help me on this?

Thank you very much.

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