[Buildroot] [PATCH] package/mke2img: do not overshoot user-specified size

Thomas Petazzoni thomas.petazzoni at free-electrons.com
Sun Dec 28 21:08:29 UTC 2014

Dear Yann E. MORIN,

On Sun, 28 Dec 2014 21:11:22 +0100, Yann E. MORIN wrote:
> Currently, we forcibly expand the generated filesystem by 1300 blocks
> (i.e. a bit more than 1MiB) when we need to generate an ext3 or ext4
> filesystem, even if the user already supplied us with the size it wants
> the filesystem to be.
> In that case, we overshoot what the user requested, which is bad because
> the filesystem may no longer fit in the partition it is supposed to be
> written into.
> Only add extra blocks when we do compute the required size, not when the
> user specifies the size.
> Signed-off-by: "Yann E. MORIN" <yann.morin.1998 at free.fr>
> ---
>  package/mke2img/mke2img | 10 ++++++----
>  1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

Thanks, applied after doing some quick testing: an ext2 image with a
user-specified size, and an ext3 image with an automatically calculated

Thomas Petazzoni, CTO, Free Electrons
Embedded Linux, Kernel and Android engineering

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