[Buildroot] Configuration for real hardware / How to configure RTAI

Spielmann Werner Werner.Spielmann at SWAROVSKI.COM
Thu Dec 11 12:27:08 UTC 2014


I was able to pass "make" (for a x86 configuration: kernel, rtai 3.8.1, gcc 4.5.4)  for the first time (with the help of Peter Koorsgard).

I found this document:  http://elinux.org/images/2/2a/Using-buildroot-real-project.pdf

But I still have several questions:

*         How can I adapt the configuration to my real hardware?

I want to use a x86 architecture with is nearly a standard PC with flash cards.

Have I to configure a board/ directory and a configs/ directory for this Board?

The Ethernet devices will need the Intel e1000e-Driver, the serial devices a 8250/16550 driver...

Can you give me any pointers?

*         To configure RTAI on a standard PC I have to execute within the RTAI directory (before building the kernel):

   "make menuconfig"

and then:


When and how can I configure RTAI in combination with buildroot?

Thanks for reading. Any help is appreciated!


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