[Buildroot] valgrind issues on 2014.11-git buildroot

Rohit Kumar rkthebest at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 06:57:32 UTC 2014


i am trying to build valgrind into my file system using buildroot.
it compiles without problem.
but when i try to run valgrind it throws me following error:

==174== Memcheck, a memory error detector
==174== Copyright (C) 2002-2013, and GNU GPL'd, by Julian Seward et al.
==174== Using Valgrind-3.10.0 and LibVEX; rerun with -h for copyright info
==174== Command: ./uart /dev/ttyS1

valgrind:  Fatal error at startup: a function redirection
valgrind:  which is mandatory for this platform-tool combination
valgrind:  cannot be set up.  Details of the redirection are:
valgrind:  A must-be-redirected function
valgrind:  whose name matches the pattern:      strcmp
valgrind:  in an object with soname matching:   ld-linux-armhf.so.3
valgrind:  was not found whilst processing
valgrind:  symbols from the object with soname: ld-linux-armhf.so.3
valgrind:  Possible fixes: (1, short term): install glibc's debuginfo
valgrind:  package on this machine.  (2, longer term): ask the packagers
valgrind:  for your Linux distribution to please in future ship a non-
valgrind:  stripped ld.so (or whatever the dynamic linker .so is called)
valgrind:  that exports the above-named function using the standard
valgrind:  calling conventions for this platform.  The package you need
valgrind:  to install for fix (1) is called
valgrind:    On Debian, Ubuntu:                 libc6-dbg
valgrind:    On SuSE, openSuSE, Fedora, RHEL:   glibc-debuginfo
valgrind:  Cannot continue -- exiting now.  Sorry.

is there any problem in configuration?
configuration file is attached

kindly help

With Regards,

Rohit Kumar
+82 1073149173
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