[Buildroot] [PATCH v16 0/3] package/xbmc: Add support for OpenGL and libva, add option for Goom

Bernd Kuhls bernd.kuhls at t-online.de
Wed Aug 13 04:21:07 UTC 2014


"Yann E. MORIN" <yann.morin.1998 at free.fr> wrote in 
news:20140812230542.GF4055 at free.fr:

> I've lost track of all your XBMC-related series. Is the v16 the last
> one? Do we miss anything in Buildroot for XBMC ?

no, currently there are no pending patches to extend the functionality of the 
xbmc package. I will post a version bump to 13.2rc1 soon, however. For my 
personal needs I would like to see your libudev patch series in buildroot ;)

> I guess we'll need more stuff for Kodi, but that can come later.

Locally I already renamed xbmc to Kodi and bumped the package to 14.0alpha2. 
Buildroot 2014.08 will most likely contain Gotham, however. When Helix/Kodi 
reaches beta stage I will post another version bump. This bump will then 
consist of three patches:

- move package/xbmc/* to package/kodi/* and rename files
- rename variables XBMC_* to KODI_* and add legacy options
- bump to 14.0...

Did I miss something?

Regards, Bernd

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