[Buildroot] Custom kernal patch not being run

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Thu Aug 28 18:44:32 UTC 2014

Thanks Thomas, I just tried that command and it still does not implement my patch. When I execute the command "make linux-dirclean linux" I see text that says ">>> linux custom Download additional patches" is this supposed to indicate it found my patch? I'm guessing that I have the patch file named wrong as I have read it needs to match exactly what is trying to be patched but I don't know if it should be named linux-custom (that's the folder name in output->build->) should it be named the same as the custom kernel tarball (linux-3.10.4-July302014)?

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Hi Charles,

buildrootcharles <[hidden email]</user/SendEmail.jtp?type=node&node=78153&i=0>> schreef:

>I am trying to figure out how to create and have buildroot deploy a custom
>kernel patch (on my system only). I currently have my buildroot configured
>to  build a custom kernel from a tarball I have saved locally on my machine
>(filename Linux-3.10.4-July302014.tar.gz), I have created a patch file
>(named Linux-patch.patch) with the following content:
>*** /home/MSC/SVN_BuildRoot/output/build/linux-custom/net/ipv4/ipconfig.c
>2014-07-22 14:45:55.000000000 -0700
>--- /home/MSC/SVN_BuildRoot/board/ep4502/linux-patches/ipconfig.c 2014-08-28
>10:00:33.824586558 -0700
>*** 89,96 ****
>  /* Define the friendly delay before and after opening net devices */
>  #define CONF_POST_OPEN 10 /* After opening: 10 msecs */
>! #ifdef CONFIG_MACH_AT91SAM9G45_EP4502VBB
>! #define CONF_CARRIER_TIMEOUT 12000 /* Wait for carrier timeout */
>  #else
>  #define CONF_CARRIER_TIMEOUT 120000 /* Wait for carrier timeout */
>  #endif
>--- 89,96 ----
>  /* Define the friendly delay before and after opening net devices */
>  #define CONF_POST_OPEN 10 /* After opening: 10 msecs */
>! #ifdef CONFIG_MACH_AT91SAM9G45_EP4502MSC
>! #define CONF_CARRIER_TIMEOUT 30000 /* Wait for carrier timeout */
>  #else
>  #define CONF_CARRIER_TIMEOUT 120000 /* Wait for carrier timeout */
>  #endif
>I have specified the directory where the patch resides in the
>whenever I run make Linux-rebuild it never seems to find my patch, do I have
>it named wrong?  can anyone help, I've been stuck on this for nearly 2 days?

linux-rebuild will not reapply patches.
make linux-dirclean linux

Best regards,

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