[Buildroot] Phidgets library and web server?

Oli Vogt oli.vogt.pub01 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 24 07:56:05 UTC 2014

Hello Jonathan Ben Avraham

Thank you for your offer.
I have not used Phidgets yet but would certainly be interested in having
this package in my buildroot-repertoir.

Kind regards, oli

I'm working with the i.MX233 at the present.

On 24 August 2014 19:40, Jonathan Ben Avraham <yba at tkos.co.il> wrote:

> Dear Buildroot colleagues,
> I have integrated the Phidgets (http://www.phidgets.com/)
> libphidget- and phidgetwebservice into my Buildroot tracking
> branch.
> I have tested on x86 and i.MX287.
> The Phidgets software license is LGLP Version 3. No publicly accessible
> repo, just tarball downloads.
> Uses autoconf build system.
> Requires glibc and libusb.
> From the Phidgets site:
> "Phidgets are a set of user friendly building blocks for low cost USB
> sensing and control from your PC."
> My client is using Phidgets products on a custom i.MX287 board rather than
> a PC, for control of a home kitchen and restaurant appliance using GPIO's
> and ADC's. I personally have no commercial interest in Phidgets.
> I can commit to maintaining for six months on arm, x86 and ppc.
> My question to you is, is this the type of package that we want to add to
> Buildroot? Should I submit patches? Or is there a "contrib" dir where I
> could put the patches?
> Best regards,
>  - yba
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