[Buildroot] [PATCH 00/12] toolchain: warn for unsafe library/header paths

Romain Naour romain.naour at openwide.fr
Thu Aug 21 20:30:29 UTC 2014

Hi Thomas,

Le 20/08/2014 15:06, Thomas Petazzoni a écrit :
> Hello,
> This series is a respin of the patch I sent a long time ago to improve
> the external toolchain wrapper to warn/error when unsafe library or
> header paths are used.
> This series extend this significantly by:
>  - Making sure the external toolchain wrapper logic will work even if
>    Buildroot is built from /usr. To do this, we assume only
>    /usr/include and /usr/local/include are unsafe header paths, and
>    /usr/lib and /usr/local/lib are unsafe library paths. Other
>    locations in /usr are assumed to be safe.
>  - Covering the internal toolchain backend as well, by
>    borrowing/adapting gcc and binutils patches from
>    CodeSourcery/Yocto. The compiler and linker directly check for
>    unsafe paths in -I/-L options.
>  - Adding a Config.in option to control the usage of this
>    mechanism. When the option is disabled, only warnings are
>    emitted. When the option is enabled, any unsafe header or library
>    path will make the compilation fail.
> Of course, this series is not meant for 2014.08, but for 2014.11.
> Feedback welcome,

First of all, thanks for your work on this topic !

I'm using this series during investigations on build errors reported by

I discovered four packages that use unsafe paths:
tmux, ipset, aircrack-ng (-I/usr/local/include)
iprutils (-I/usr/include/ncurses)

Do you know why the upstream status of the gcc patch is "Inappropriate" ?
There is a way that this patch get merged into the mainline gcc ?
My colleague Adrien asked my about that.

Also, BR_COMPILER_PARANOID_UNSAFE_PATH needs to be renamed to
BR2_COMPILER_PARANOID_UNSAFE_PATH to follow the naming scheme ?

Best regards,

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