[Buildroot] [PATCHv3 0/3] gettext changes to solve bug #7124

Thomas Petazzoni thomas.petazzoni at free-electrons.com
Fri Aug 15 20:25:49 UTC 2014


Here is a third version of the gettext changes, that include the
comments made by Thomas DS on the manual (PATCH 3/3).

Since they actually fix a runtime issue with ecryptfs-utils, reported
as bug #7124, I'd like them to be considered for 2014.08.

Basically, the core of the issue is that the numerous ecryptfs-utils
shell scripts use the "gettext" program on the target to query
translated strings. However, with glibc toolchains, we do not allow
the selection of the gettext package, because the gettext *functions*
are already part of the C library.

However, this totally overlooks the fact that gettext provides more
than a library, it also provides utilities, which in the case of
ecryptfs-utils, are needed on the target.

Moreover, the gettext configure script is smart enough to *not*
generate libintl.so when the C library already has the gettext
function. It therefore has the right behavior depending on the C
library: for glibc, only the gettext "utilities" are installed, for
uClibc, both libintl and the gettext utilities are installed.

These three patches are just a new version rebased on top of master,
and re-tested.

Long term, maybe we should rename BR2_NEEDS_GETTEXT and
BR2_NEEDS_LIBINTL_IF_LOCALE, because this is really what those config
knobs mean.



Thomas Petazzoni (3):
  gettext: allow building when BR2_NEEDS_GETTEXT is not selected
  ecryptfs-utils: select gettext, needed for command line utilities
  docs/manual: update documentation about gettext handling

 docs/manual/adding-packages-gettext.txt | 29 ++++++++++++++++++++++-------
 package/ecryptfs-utils/Config.in        |  8 ++++++--
 package/gettext/Config.in               |  1 -
 3 files changed, 28 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)


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