[Buildroot] [PATCH] icu: Doesn't work on ARC yet

Mischa Jonker Mischa.Jonker at synopsys.com
Mon Nov 11 16:07:22 UTC 2013

> > icu depends on __sync_sub_and_fetch and other atomic primitives that
> > don't exist in the ARC toolchain yet.
> Thanks, but you also need to:
> - Add the !arc dependency to the comment line belo
> - Propagate the dependency to icu's reverse dependencies:
> git grep -l 'select BR2_PACKAGE_ICU'
> package/beecrypt/Config.in
> package/cppcms/Config.in
> package/php/Config.ext
> package/qt5/qt5base/Config.in
> package/webkit/Config.in
> Care to fix that and resend?

Thanks for the feedback. A new patch is coming up. I haven't changed package/webkit/Config.in as it cannot be selected for ARC already.


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