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Arnout Vandecappelle arnout at mind.be
Tue Nov 19 17:23:08 UTC 2013

On 19/11/13 13:30, Gustavo Zacarias wrote:
> On 11/19/2013 09:17 AM, Altunbas Sabri (DC-IA/EAH2) wrote:
>> Hi Thomas,
>> my problem is still not solved.
>> I picked "Buildroot toolchain" and "eglibc" as C-library and get the following error
>> ..
>> configure: error: unrecognized option: `-mfmovd'
>> ..
>> With "uclibs" the same behave.
>> My config is attented
>> Can you give some hints ?
> Hi.
> Actually BR2_EXTRA_GCC_CONFIG_OPTIONS isn't for that.
> You need to set BR2_TARGET_OPTIMIZATIONS for all the packages to be
> built with those CFLAGS, and you need to add them to
> GLIBC_EXTRA_CFLAGS/UCLIBC_EXTRA_CFLAGS (depending on which libc you want
> to use) - problem is that isn't supported in an easy way at the moment.
> The quick way to test it would be to call make with those arguments in
> every invocation (actually until your libc is built, for packages
> BR2_TARGET_OPTIMIZATIONS does the trick), something like:
> make GLIBC_EXTRA_CFLAGS="-madlign -mfmovd"

  Is there any reason why BR2_TARGET_OPTIMIZATIONS isn't used for 
building the C library?


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